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                             Mind-Body Arts
                 Tai Chi, Yoga, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Meditation
Paducah Tai Chi & Mind-Body Arts is dedicated to the development of balance and quality into the lives of
individuals and our community.
Sessions are held at The Living Arts Center at 7th and Broadway in
downtown Paducah,
 Three Rivers Martial Arts Academy above Energy Fitness on Holt Rd
*Even though Mind-Body Arts are meant to be practiced in a safe manner according to your personal
level of skill and fitness, you should always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program.
Over the years, our bodies receive and
retain enormous amounts of stress and
tension from all aspects of our lives.
Stress affects our bodies, thoughts,
personalities, careers, and performance
in every aspect of our lives. For some
people, tension even becomes a
dominant trait of who they are. In Tai
CHi & Mind-Body Arts, moving postures
and meditation techniques are used to
teach the practitioner how to achieve a
more relaxed and focused state. This
leads to a reduction in tension, as well
as a dramatic increase of health and
All this happens naturally through improvements in our posture, coordination, concentration, and
breathing. Here we learn to move mindfully, more efficiently, and less destructively. In many ways
Mind-Body Arts are the study of yourself and how you interact with your life. Where the body goes,
the brain will follow.
Paducah Tai Chi & Mind Body Arts is a member of
the Good Life Group "Open Yourself to Possibilities"
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By training mindfully, and in a more relaxed state we learn how to listen to ourselves and our
situations better. We begin to hear the subtle signals in our life. As a result, we become aware of
things that we were missing before, and learn to react more effectively. Awareness naturally leads to
understanding, and understanding leads to growth. To study the mind-body connection is to say
"yes" to life, and all the experiences that come with it!

In Mind-Body Arts, we train our bodies to seek harmony instead of conflict. Acquiring the skills and
ability to "Go with the flow." This leads us to an experience that is rich and deep, and equips us for
real change, and genuine satisfaction in our lives
Learn to Focus and Flow